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Dan - color

Dedicated to teaching people communication tools to drive out miscommunication, misunderstandings, preventable arguments, and stress from people's lives, among a much longer list of bad consequences related to ineffective communication.

Communicate Like THIS . . . and everything will work better for everyone.

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Mar 15, 2020

We cover the topic of Integrity in some detail. Integrity, for the purposes of this podcast and practical reality, simply means doing what you said you would do by when you said you would do it. Demonstrating Integrity builds trust and having trust reduces stress, arguments, misunderstandings, and miscommunication. The other side of the coin of Integrity is Respect. If you don't do what you say you will do, then basically you're demeaning the other person as not being as important as you are and you get to do what you want, regardless of how it impacts others. Hear how comedy bits from the movie Good Morning, Vietnam and Saturday Night Live highlight the issue of lack of respect.